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  • Stephan & Sandra
    Stephan & Sandra
  • Sign "Buy Local in Delta"
    Supporting Local Business in Delta BC
  • Mixed Plate
    Mixed Plate
  • Sandra showing mixed tray she made for a customer's special event
    Sandra loves making mixed trays for her customers’ special events
  • A hearty breakfast
    Now that’s a hearty breakfast!
  • Pretzels freshly baked in our store
    Pretzels freshly baked in our store
  • Deli food on shelves
    Deli food goodness on shelves
  • Mettwurst ist gut - Ja!
    Mettwurst ist gut – Ja!
  • German style celebration!
    German style celebration!
  • German Pastries
    German Pastries
  • 1st Place at Sausage Competition 2016
    1st Place!
  • Pepperoni ready to go!
    Pepperoni ready to go!
  • German Salami - oh yes!
    German Salami – oh yes!
  • Yes, we have sausages!
    Yes, we have sausages!
  • Sausage samplers
    Sausage samplers
  • Our window painting
    Our window painting
  • Fleischer Meister Certificate
    Stephan’s Meister Certificate
  • Potato Carrot Soup
    One of Our Home Made Soups: Potato Carrot Soup
  • One of our Party Trays
  • Party Trays
    A Sampling of Party Trays
  • Sausages, Soft Pretzels, Bavarian Style Mustard
    Celebrating Oktoberfest with Sausages, Soft Pretzels & Bavarian Style Mustard
  • Soft Pretzels
    Freshly Baked Soft Pretzels
  • A Variety of European Foods
    European Pickels, Sauerkraut and so much more!
  • European Style Bread
    Fine European Style Breads.
  • European Foods
    European Condiments, Sweets, Marmelade and More!
  • European Style Cheeses
    A variety of Nice European style Cheeses!
  • Bacon
    Is that Bacon? Oh yes it is!
  • European Wieners
    Some yummi European Wieners.
  • Salami's and More.
    A Meat Lover’s Delight! Always Fresh!
  • European Style Sausages
    Fresh European Style Sausages – Oh Yes!
  • A small section of our rich selection of fresh goodness
    A small section of our rich selection of fresh goodness
  • Custom Sandwich
    We make custom sandwiches
  • Stephan & Sandra
    Stephan & Sandra